Do you need help running your company? Do you want to save money on the management of your employees? Bluebox Creative Solutions is a consulting firm with expertise in staffing and back office support that are critical to companies large and small. We are dedicated professionals with decades of experience and we understand the challenges you the Employer face on a day to day basis. Bluebox Creative Solutions has partnerships with Employer of Record, PEO and HR companies that have solutions to help your company grow and lower your costs.

About Us

Our core principles shape our efforts. We are dedicated to our clients, and they benefit from our success. The services we offer are transforming the way small and medium sized businesses are run, giving them the advantages previously available only to the largest companies. Our concept is simple, we help you find the right PEO or EOR, so you can leverage resources and economies of scale (think Costco and Walmart) to save money in the areas of payroll processing, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, payroll funding and Human Resource services. Find out for yourself. Call us today.

Our Mission

Your HR Questions, Answered

At Bluebox Creative Solutions, we strive to exceed your expectations by breaking barriers and changing the game. If you need help with hiring, payroll, compliance, or benefits administration, contact us. We’re available to help you navigate even the most difficult human resources issues. Human Resource services can help you comply with government regulations while giving you more time to run and grow your business.

HR Management Solutions

We can take on your day-to-day HR needs such as offer letters, background checks, onboarding, employee records management, payroll processing, workers’ comp and more. We’re a highly organized and detail-oriented team with years of proven success. Have questions about health care or federal/state law summaries? Reach out to us, we’ll work with you the entire way to ensure that we provide you with the best Human Resource services available.

How to reduce the cost of the management of your employees

When a business hires an employee, it assumes responsibilities for all employment tasks, costs, and liabilities associated with having that employee on staff. But not all businesses want to deal with that responsibility. There is another option: using an EMPLOYER OF RECORD.
An employer of record is an organization that serves as the employer for tax purposes while the employee performs work at a different company. The employer of record takes on the responsibility of traditional employment tasks and liabilities. The employer of record handles all personnel functions, including:

  • Processing and funding payroll
  • Depositing and filing taxes
  • Handling unemployment
  • Handling workers’ compensation( with added incentive of no down payment, no audits, pay-as-you-go, loss control and claims management)
  • Issuing W-2
  • Collecting and processing time sheets
  • Creating and maintaining employment contracts
  • Employee onboarding (new hire)
  • Maintaining certificate of insurance
  • Completing and storing I-9 paperwork
  • Complying with E-Verify
  • Doing background checks and drug screenings
  • Offering and administrating benefits
  • Terminating employees
By using an employer of record, recruiters and other small businesses can free up time. Not having to deal with payroll and HR issues can potentially save hours. An employer of record is a cost-effective way to outsource payroll and HR functions. The business pays the employer of record a set rate for every hour the employee works, and the employer of record handles all work that is required. Employer of record services can be especially helpful when dealing with payroll processing and employment laws for employees in multiple states. The employer of record stays updated on the state and local laws so you don’t have to worry about learning and complying with laws in multiple places.
The business and the employer of record have different responsibilities. The business where the employee works retains control over the business operations. The business also is responsible for workplace safety and compliance. The employer of record is liable for employment issues along with payroll compliance and tax laws.

What is a PEO?

Staying on top of the staffing game is hard work. Maintaining the high-quality services you’re known for didn’t come easy, and it takes time and effort to preserve. That’s where a PEO becomes a lifesaver. But not just any PEO. You need the one that fits you best, and that’s where we step up to the plate.

  • We do the research

  • We study the results

  • We meet with the PEO’s and learn their style

  • We connect you with the one that fits you best.

Because connecting with a best-fit PEO can make all the difference. A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides human resourcing outsourcing services to client companies through a co-employment relationship, which allows for improved efficiencies and economies of scale. It can save you both cost and time. How? Because they pool multiple companies together, earning you the same courtesies as huge national corporations – saving you 15% on health insurance and more than 30% of the cost related to government compliance.

Eliminate the time consuming and costly paperwork of:

  • Payroll

  • Payroll deductions and taxes – eliminate payroll tax liability

  • I-9 verification

  • W-2 processes

  • Workers’ compensation claims – avoid audits and let your PEO fight illegitimate claims

  • Return to work processes

  • Documentation

  • Legal compliance

  • New hire reporting

Reduce the cost of:

  • Healthcare insurance compliance

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance – save 10-30% w/favorable loss history

  • Unemployment claims – Earn discounts and keep your SUTA rate low

PEOs – Certified HR support keeping your assets secure. It’s the key to integrative cost-effective business solutions. Spend your energy-generating profits.

Focus on Business. Reduce Administrative Costs. Maintain Peace of Mind

Core Services and Industries

Direct Employee Solution

Putting together a creative solution for your business has never been easier. When you choose our direct employee model the eor(employer of record) becomes 100% responsible for your employees’. This include’s payroll processing, tax administration, workers’ compensation, unemployment claims management, I-9 compliance and employee benefits.

PEO Solution

PEO’s (Professional Employment Organizations) have been growing year after year and helping small to medium size companies grow and reduce cost.

ASO Solution

An administrative service organization (ASO) is an organization that provides outsourced solutions to meet the administrative and HR needs of the client, with the client retaining all employment-related risk and liabilities.


Warehouse, distribution and manufacturing industries have benefited greatly from our services. These industries work on very tight margins and the need to run their business and retain employees’ have never been more critical. By them using human resource services they now can get better health care plans, payroll processing and the HR help they need without hiring any more people.

Staffing Agencies

With the growth of the staffing industry still on the rise our human resource services are becoming a big part of this fast growing industry. The need for workers’ compensation is becoming more difficult to obtain in alot of states and the transfer of liability, are a major part of our service where we can help the most.

Industries Served

Staffing, Warehouse, Distribution, Manufacturing, Restuarants, Hospitality, Retail, Marketing, Construction, Technology, Transportation, Education, Legal and more..


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