Is Workers’ Compensation Slashing Your Profits?

Fact: While the costs (from $0.75 to nearly $12.00 per $100 in employee wages) and penalties for non-compliance vary widely, every state except Texas requires businesses to have workman’s compensation insurance.

3 Key Strategies to Fight Back

Create a Culture of Safety

Safety programs can identify and eliminate hazards in your workplace. Prevention is not only a huge benefit to employees; it also makes a dent in your bottom line. For example, fewer incidences result in lower workers’ comp insurance rates. In fact, studies reveal that for every dollar invested in prevention, businesses experience a $2 – $6 return

  • Make safety and health a core organizational value, beginning with upper management.
  • Be proactive. Involve your employees in your safety program from goal setting to recognizing and reporting hazards, to tracking your progress.
  • Establish safety inspections at regular intervals from simple checks throughout the day to more comprehensive examinations on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Safety policies are more than a document. Train. Monitor. Evaluate. Improve.
  • Implement safety rewards.
  • Know your state requirements and ensure every employee is classified correctly.

Create A Proactive Return-To-Work Program

Despite an active, management-led, employee-supported safety program, accidents will happen. Maintaining a proactive return-to-work program plays an active role in cost reduction.

  • Respond promptly and compassionately to injured workers. Remain in-contact during their recovery.
  • Encourage employees to return to work – even if on a temporarily modified basis. When necessary, make accommodations to help the process. For example, part-time or light-duty work or work-from-home options, all collaborated with their medical provider.
  • Involve co-workers in the process. Create an atmosphere where co-workers miss the injured employee and champion his/her progress.
  • Continue contact and monitoring when the employee returns until he/she fully recovers.

Connect with a Professional Employer Organization

A reputable PEO will offer integrated, cost-effective solutions for your business, including reducing your workers’ compensation insurance premiums via negotiation with insurance providers. In addition to cost negotiations, PEO’s:

  • Evaluate your safety program and assist in making appropriate changes.
  • Evaluate/improve your return-to-work program.
  • Ensure that claims are managed promptly and efficiently; handling contact and relationship with your injured employee.
  • Manage contact with the claims adjuster and medical personnel
  • Verify coverage and maintain a record of paperwork throughout the entire process of an injury claim, ensuring that the claims adjuster follows best practices.

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