Temporary versus Permanent

The temporary help industry is a very diverse one that has many faces and advantages. Many companies still use a temporary service for emergencies only. This can be very short-sighted in this ever-changing world of our cost fluctuating economy.

Today’s temporary help service is just that; a complete service for you to utilize in keeping a tight rein on the bottom line.

Many services offer complete programs for businesses to utilize as management tools. These tools are helping solve costly personnel problems on a long term basis.

One way companies are using temporary help is by utilizing them as on-going staff in high turnover, entry-level jobs. These programs are designed to increase productivity and decrease the costs in the areas of recruiting, training, unemployment and fringe benefits.

Another is utilizing temporaries when their peak workload fluctuation cycle demands extra people but overtime costs must be avoided. Bringing in a team of trained temporaries each time the need arises, solves all the problems.

Overtime is expensive and workers who have already put in a long day cannot, often-times, work productively for long periods of time and keep up morale at the same time.

Considering hiring additional employees adds to your ever-increasing costs. Paying them, providing benefits, costs of hiring, unemployment costs etc.

Working with your temporary service and the programs they provide can save you time, money and headaches.

Their insight into what companies need to run productively, efficiently and cost-effective coupled with their desire to help keep within your bottom line requirements an make them an addition well worth looking into.

They are a people business, an employer (just like you), knowledgeable in the industry and hire only qualified, quality personnel to do the job right.

Next time you have a position open, think of the advantages of TEMPORARY vs PERMANENT.